Arkansas COVID-19 cumulative cases up to 13,191

(06/16/20)  Arkansas COVID-19 cumulative cases up to 13,191  The following stats were shared Tuesday at Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s daily COVID-19 news conference in Hot Springs and posted on the Arkansas Department of Health’s website:

  • 13,191 total confirmed cases, up 274 from 12,917 on Monday.
  • 188 deaths, up six from Monday.
  • 214 cases requiring hospitalization, up eight from Monday.
  • 165 cases in Garland County, up three from Monday.
  • 137 recoveries in Garland County, up two from Monday.
  • 1 death in Garland County, no change from Monday.

Gov. Hutchinson was joined in Hot Springs at the Convention Center by Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston and Dr. Jennifer Dillaha from the Arkansas Department of Health. At a luncheon with community leaders from area manufacturing, healthcare, education and city and county governments, Hutchinson said he talked to a hospital administrator in Hot Springs, where patients throughout the Southwest are served, but that “it’s at a very manageable level.” He found that the hospital’s volume is back to around 85% with their routine procedures and other healthcare services, and they are available and have the capacity for anyone who may have been putting off health needs to that need to be addressed. He also showed images of a concert at Magic Springs where the attendees were socially distanced. “I want to applaud Hot Springs Magic Springs for demonstrating a very safe way to have a concert, a gathering, and it shows that life is coming together in a safe way.”

He shared a graph of county growth rates of new cases from June 7-14 from the Central Region that included Garland County, and Garland County was at 15%, which was the sixth lowest of the seven counties. Growth rate by age group in the Central Region had the 0-17 age group as being the fastest growing with more than 30% of the new cases from June 7-14. That group was followed by the 18-24 group, then the 65 and older.

He gave a mid-June testing update for long-term care facilities. There have been 13,000 tests completed so far, with their only being 113 positive results, or a 0.9% positivity rate. There have been 150 of 250 facilities tested, but they are on track to have them all completed with testing this month. Hutchinson said they are hopefully on track to open these facilities up so the residents can have visitors again. He said tomorrow they are going to address a plan and a timeline for the future regarding easing restrictions for long-term care facilities.

Preston said it was good to visit with businesses in Hot Springs from manufacturing to tourism, “and it was reassuring to hear some positive news that we are starting to see things bounce back a little bit in Garland County. And that’s good, and hopefully we’ll see that a little bit more across the state.” Unemployment numbers continue to drop down each week over the past month from a high of about 122,000 to around 106,000. Around 32,000 have received the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to date. The Governor waived three requirements at the onset of the pandemic relating to unemployment insurance – the weeklong waiting period, filing in person and the search for work requirement. At the end of this month, the search for work requirement will begin again. More specific information will be sent out from the Department of Workforce Services.