Arkansas COVID-19 cases up to 6,277

(05/27/20)  Arkansas COVID-19 cases up to 6,277  The following stats were shared Wednesday at Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s daily COVID-19 news conference in Jonesboro and posted on the Arkansas Department of Health’s website:

  • 6,277 total confirmed cases, up 97 from 6,180 on Tuesday.
  • 1,733 active cases, up four from Tuesday.
  • 4.424 recoveries, up 92 from Tuesday.
  • 120 deaths, up one from Tuesday.
  • 108 cases requiring hospitalization, up one from Tuesday.
  • 22 cases on a ventilator, up four from Tuesday.
  • 364 cases involving nursing home residents, up three from Tuesday.
  • 134 cases in Garland County, no change from Tuesday.
  • 128 recoveries in Garland County, up one from Tuesday.
  • 1 death in Garland County, no change from Tuesday.

The last 24 hours saw the second highest number of test results in the state since the onset of the pandemic at 4,033, and the positivity rate was 1.9%. There were a total of 95 community cases and two from correctional facilities.

The governor wanted everyone to pay close attention to growth rate statistics related to the age groups as the 0-17 age group has seen a 46% increase in cases from May 17-23. Other age groups and growth rates during this period include ages 18-24 at 32%; 25-44 at 26%, 45-64 at 22% and 65-and-greater at 16%.

The Northwest region of Arkansas has seen the highest jump in cases among the regions in the state with a 58% increase from May 17-23.

With the steady increases in cases and hospitalizations, Dr. Nate Smith said that they are paying close attention while doing contact tracing to new cases in relation to the reopening of businesses. Smith said they have not seen a correlation between the restrictions being lifted to the new cases. In the past 14 days, only .8% of new cases reported having dined in a restaurant; 1% have been to a barber shop; .7% to a church service; .2% to a gym; and .3% to a hotel.