Arkansas cases up to 473

(03/30/20) Arkansas cases up to 473  At Governor Asa Hutchinson’s daily COVID-19 press conference, it was shared that a rise in 47 statewide cases in the past 24 hours has brought the total number of cases to 473. There are a total of 62 current COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization, with 21 currently on ventilators. Of the total cases, there is a total of 17 children (age 18 and younger), 307 adults (ages 19-64) and 149 older adults (ages 65 and above). There are 73 healthcare workers who have confirmed cases of the virus, as well as six pregnant women.

There has been an additional death, bringing the total lost in Arkansas to seven. This is the first nursing-home related death, and there was an additional nursing home with a confirmed case, bringing the total number of nursing homes with cases in the state to five. There have been 47 nursing-home related confirmed cases.

Sports and outdoor activities are still encouraged, as long social distancing of at least six feet is maintained. State parks are currently open, but extensive measures have been taken to reduce the risk of spread. More information is available at

Governor Hutchinson shared that in addition to the $30 million initially allocated toward purchases of equipment (PPE, ventilators, etc.) in response to the COVID-19 crisis, an additional $45 million is being added as the demand versus the supply for these items has increased the prices and made the acquisition more challenging. He also made an executive order to establish a 15-member steering committee to guide, shape and make recommendations on the allocation of the anticipated $1.2 billion the state will receive in federal funds to fight COVID-19 from the Cares Act.