06/30/20 520 new COVID cases

State has 520 new COVID-19 cases; hospitalizations down 10 to 290

The following statistics were shared Tuesday, June 30, 2020, at Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s daily COVID-19 news conference in Little Rock and posted on the Arkansas Department of Health’s website:

  • 20,777 total confirmed cases, up 520 from 20,257 on Monday.
  • 5,976 active cases, up 50 from Monday.
  • 14,531 recoveries, up 465 from Monday.
  • 270 deaths, up five from Monday.
  • 290 cases requiring hospitalization, down 10 from Monday.
  • 67 cases requiring a ventilator, up four from Monday.  
  • 248 cases in Garland County, up eight from Monday.
  • 73 active cases in Garland County, up six from Monday.
  • 174 recoveries in Garland County, up two from Monday.
  • 1 death in Garland County, no change from Monday.

Of the 520 new cases reported in the past 24 hours, 502 are community cases and 18 are from correctional facilities. The counties with the highest number of new cases are Washington (152), Pulaski (118; 44% are in Little Rock and 30% are in Wrightsville, most are likely from Wrightsville Unit of the Arkansas Department of Corrects), Benton (33), Faulkner (23) and Yell (21). There were a total of 4,048 test results reported in the past 24 hours.

Dr. Nate Smith said that the goal to test all residents and employees in Arkansas’ long-term care facilities is nearly complete. More than 40,000 in those facilities were tested, and Smith said it’s been a major undertaking. “We’ve identified some of these nursing homes and long-term care facilities with relatively few cases, so we’ve been able to intervene very rapidly in those cases,” he said. Of the 326 facilities whose test results have been completed, there were 59 with at least one case among staff members or residents. The lifting of restrictions for visitors and other communal activities in these facilities will begin tomorrow, July 1, for facilities that meet the criteria. An adjustment has been made to the guidelines that requires at least 28 days with no reported cases before a facility can go into this new phase.

The CDC team in Northwest Arkansas will begin to prepare their written report soon, Smith said. The state is also welcoming a second team from the CDC this week, which will focus on better describing transmission of COVID-19 in nursing homes. Smith suggested that Arkansas was selected as a state in this study because of the state’s good relationship with the nursing homes within the state.

In regards to the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend, Smith encouraged that those attending large-venue events should follow that venue’s plan, which would have been reviewed and approved by the Arkansas Department of Health. He said that these plans are only as good as their execution, particularly in terms of the wearing of masks. Face masks should be worn when social distancing is not possible, and the mask should cover the mouth and the nose. He further encouraged everyone to plan ahead so that the weekend can be enjoyed in a safe manner.