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Event Request Form

  1. Fee Schedule
    • Pavilion Rental City Residents - $10 per hour
    • Pavilion Rental Non-City Residents - $20 per hour
    • Large Group Fee (100+ persons, subject to capacity) - $50
    • Activity Fee - $25 per activity
    • Inspection Fee - $25 (weekend use only)
    • Live Music Permit / Electricity Fee - $50 per day
    • Rain Date Fee/hold pavilion additional day $50 per pavilion
    • Security / cleanup deposit (refundable) - $100 (large groups)
  2. Please enter your event start AND end times.
  3. Please list names, addresses, and phone numbers of chaperones. One adult per twenty minors, and/or security arrangements for your event are required.
  4. List names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

    *Subject to all Parks and Trails policies, rules and regulations, including live music permit if planned. All fundraising events must display a sign stating "Donations Only," pursuant to the Transient Merchants Ordinance.
  5. Criteria for a Fee Discount
    The following criteria must be met by the event/organization:
    • Nonprofit / Civic Organization
    • No charge to the public
    • Event open to the public
    • One discount per year (unless other arrangements have been made)

    Proof of nonprofit status must be provided with payment for event. The Parks and Trails Department reserves the right to display a Parks and Trails banner during fee discount events and activities.
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