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UpCycle Sculpture Festival Application

  1. Please provide all of the information that is requested below. Form will submit directly to Call 501-321-6871 for further information.

  2. Artist's Name or Teacher's name if filling out for student.

  3. Also, include student name(s) if teacher is filling out form.

  4. ➚ Applications are due no later than Friday, April 6 ➚ There is no fee to enter ➚ There are no rules of construction ➚ The statuary should show any combination of: Beauty • Creativity • Originality • Innovation • Inspiration • Imagination ➚ The primary elements used to construct the statue should be recycled objects and materials ➚ Set up in designated areas at the Farmers & Artisans Market (121 Orange St) before 9 am on Saturday, April 21, 2018 ➚ The artist(s) must transport, set up and remove the art ➚ The statue must be removed by the artist(s) by 1 pm on Saturday, April 21, 2018 ➚ Judging will be announced at noon, April 21, 2018 ➚ If you wish to sell your artwork, put a price tag on it ➚ Voting for People's Choice will take place throughout event and the winner will also be announced at noon

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